Winter is Coming: 6 Equipment Tips for the Coming Season


Keeping your equipment in tip-top shape throughout the year is crucial for any farm or construction business. But the winter months can—and do—cause problems for anyone operating heavy equipment. Luckily, we’ve collected a few simple steps our farming, construction and forestry equipment operators can use to ride out the winter:

1. Store your equipment properly. Construction and agricultural equipment deteriorates much faster when it's left in the elements. Make sure you have adequate storage facilities for your machinery. It will help prevent rust, wear, and damage, maintain the value of your machinery, and help prevent costly maintenance.

2. Check all your fluids, and top them off appropriately. In the Pacific Northwest, cold winter temperatures can greatly affect the fluids in your farm equipment. From engine coolant to engine oil, make sure all major fluids are at appropriate levels.

3. Replace any weak batteries. Colder weather, and especially freezing weather, can drain your battery's energy. Also, colder weather requires almost twice as many cranking amps to turn the engine over. Take a moment to measure the charge on all your batteries and replace weak ones.

4. Check your tires. Most likely, the first sign of winter’s effect on your machinery is a noticeable deflation in tire pressure. It’s normal, but there are ways you can accommodate for the impending weather. Inflate your tires before any significant seasonal change, and check the PSI throughout the winter. However, we highly recommend storing tires indoors whenever possible to avoid damage from the elements.

5. Make necessary repairs. Getting an inspection on your equipment in the winter can save you a lot of time and money come spring. Take advantage of our after harvest specials for discounts on services and repairs. If you have many types of equipment, take note of necessary maintenance and repairs. Pay close attention to the repairs that could cause safety issues for you and your team.

6. Consult your owner's manual. You’ve probably tucked it away in a filing cabinet or a compartment in your equipment, but your owner’s manual has a lot of useful information for the winter months. When the weather begins to turn, dust off the owner’s manual for tips and tricks you might not have thought of to keep your machinery in top shape. And the great thing is, most of them are quick and easy. Some simple, fast solutions are:

• Checking your windshield wipers

• Checking your belts and hoses

• Cleaning your windows and mirrors to help with winter fogging and freezing

• Check for fluid leaks, especially engine and hydraulic oil

• Replace fuel and oil filters

These are just a few tips to help keep you prepared for the coming winter months. Whether you’re located in Washington, Oregon, Montana, or Idaho, contact us today for more information on how to keep your equipment in peak condition all year long.

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