The Benefits of Motive Power

Material Handling

What is Motive Power? Motive power is defined as any source of energy that's used to produce motion. From the early days of the horse and plow, to modern-day gas-powered engines, our goal has always been improved efficiency -- to get more done with less.

Today, it's possible to run heavy-duty industrial equipment on electric motive power through the use of high-performance industrial batteries. We use motive power to operate forklifts, large clamp trucks, and pallet jacks -- without sacrificing high performance capability.

Other benefits of electric motive power are:

1. Reduced carbon footprint - Forklift batteries eliminate the need for gas which makes your equipment more environmentally friendly by creating fewer emissions and toxic fumes.

2. Less expensive - Electric motive power can save a company thousands of dollars per year in fuel costs. With gas prices always fluctuating, this can be a terrific benefit to a company's bottom line.

3. Longevity - Electric powered machines generally last longer before major components wear out or need replacement. In fact, electric motive powered equipment can have almost twice the lifespan of gas-powered equipment because there simply aren't as many moving parts to deal with.

4. Efficiency - You can charge your equipment at your own facility without having to procure gas from outside sources. For instance, through the use of a forklift battery, you can plug-in and recharge your forklift just like you would with any traditional battery-powered device.

Papé trusts names like Hawker Batteries and Crown Batteries to increase the productivity of our customers’ fleets while lowering their total operating costs.

Whether you're managing a large warehouse or just need to move a few pallets a day, Papé has the motive power solutions to keep your business moving. With 23 locations across the West, top-quality material handling equipment is never far away.

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