Supporting Farmers in the Willamette Valley


Over the last 75 years, Papé has been a support for those needing heavy equipment. Although we are in prime real estate for the forestry industry here in the Pacific Northwest, farm owners have long been a major facet of our customer base. We’re devoted to the agriculture community here in the Willamette Valley and we’re honored to take part in events like the Willamette Valley Ag Expo to share our expertise of equipment with the agriculture community. The farmers in the Willamette Valley – big and small, co-op and private – are core to who we are.

The Willamette Valley Ag Expo

Papé isn’t the only company represented at the Willamette Valley Ag Expo every year. Everything from tires and equipment suppliers, to fertilizer and engineering organizations, come to support the ag savvy in the valley. Obviously, we love the chance to interact with customers outside the normal setting of our stores or their farms, but the Expo provides more than just a facility for conversations. It’s a learning opportunity for everyone.

They offer classes and meetings that give insight into the past, present, and future of the agriculture industry, as well as tools that can help our customers be more successful during the next harvest season. All the more reason we have been a sponsor of this extraordinary event for the last several years.

Oregon Wine Country

When the average wine aficionado partakes in conversations surrounding their favorite wine or the most popular grape of the year, Oregon isn’t the first place that enters the discussion. However, who would you think has won awards for skills in the industry? Willamette Valley’s very own Domaine Serene. The winery’s 2012 Pinot received a silver medal in the Decanter Contest this year. Successes like this are possible through perseverance and the valley’s unique climate.

Because we’re able to grow such a wide range of produce in such a small area, companies like Papé have to be able to accommodate customers with unique needs. That’s why we offer products like Pellenc and Monchiero that are specifically designed to harvest specific fruit.

Willamette Valley Farms

The valley consists of 11 counties. Lane County, towards the southern end of the Willamette Valley, has over 2,500 farms alone. Most farms in the valley – specifically in Lane County, are smaller than 50 acres. This means the majority of our customers in the valley heavily rely on their equipment and cannot afford down time, the occasional machine breakdown, or service that doesn’t fix the problem.

Consistent, quality customer service is paramount within all Papé companies. Our customers – our farmers – depend on teams to get them the equipment and service they need when they need it.

From the Willamette Valley Ag Expo, to the small 50-acre farms, we’ve spent the last 75 years doing our best to ensure our customers have a company they can rely on when their farms need it most. Whether you need a John Deere tractor or a Pellenc 690 Optimum, your farm (no matter the produce) can depend on Papé to keep you moving.


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