Spruce Up Your Lawn for Lawn and Garden Month


It’s that time of year again - the flowers are in bloom, the sun is out - and it's time to get your lawns looking great for Lawn and Garden Month. Although your lawn probably struggled during the cold winter months, it's an easy fix when you follow these simple, cost-effective tips.

1. Get your soil tested. You can find inexpensive soil testers at just about any home and garden store - but you can also get your lawn tested professionally for a lot less than you may think. When testing your soil, you'll discover its pH and what kinds of nutrients it needs to apply them. A simple soil test can save you quite a bit of money on fertilizing while saving you time and effort. Depending on the size of your lawn, investing in a compact utility tractor can be a huge help in transporting fertilizer to the areas you need it.

2. Make sure your mower is maintained. Whether you use a ride-on mower or a standard walk behind mower, spend a little time to make sure your mower is in good shape. Outside of basic engine maintenance, one thing people often overlook is the sharpness of their mower blades. Dull blades put more stress on the grass and reduce efficiency. Sharp blades cut your grass fast and clean, giving the lawn a more even look. It's simple and inexpensive to sharpen the blades on equipment like John Deere Mowers and Honda lawn mowers. This one simple action can reduce fuel consumption by up to 25%.

3. Don't cut your grass too short. You might think that cutting your grass shorter will mean less frequent mowing, but this is generally a bad idea. When you cut your grass too short, it causes the roots to grow shallow. This means they'll only be exposed to drier surface soil, requiring more frequent watering. The solution is to set the blades higher on your residential mowers. Keeping your grass at roughly 3-4 inches in height can reduce water consumption by up to 50%.

4. Be water smart. When you water properly, you'll save money and also help prevent things like disease and pests. The idea is to water your lawn deeply and infrequently, because the less water you put on your lawn, the deeper its roots will grow. Giving your lawn one inch of water per week is a good rule to follow – but you can use a little more during dry and hot spells.

As you can see, these simple ideas are safe, powerful, and above all - they work! For more ideas on how to keep your lawn looking perfect all year long or help choosing the best lawn care equipment for your needs, please contact us at Papé today.



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