Recap: Oregon Wine Symposium


Living in the Pacific Northwest, you’re surrounded by the wine industry. Whether it’s the newest local winery or the established vineyard, you know how important the wine industry is to our region. Industry professionals and connoisseurs know, if there’s one place to be in February, it’s The Oregon Wine Symposium. As the leading trade show and educational event for the Northwest wine community, The Oregon Wine Symposium is two full days dedicated to the craft and business of wine creation.

Every year, attendees have the chance to learn from industry experts on topics from viticulture to enology, and even get advice on the best harvesting equipment. The Symposium is the perfect opportunity for winemakers, vineyard owners, vineyard managers, marketing managers, and winery staff to learn and network with some of the biggest names in the industry.

A proud sponsor and exhibitor at the Oregon Wine Symposium, Papé has been a part of the Northwest wine community for years. We were thrilled to attend this year and showcase our Pellenc harvesting equipment as part of our end-to-end solutions.

Just as the grain and forestry industries rely on a number of pieces of equipment, including harvest machinery, so does your local vineyard. Pellenc harvesting equipment is just one line of machinery needed to keep wineries and vineyards moving. It offers smart control units to easily manage frequency, stroke, pinch, acceleration, and shaking all in one place – it’s an easier, more efficient piece of equipment. The smart shaking system and set of catchplates improves yield and reduces the amount of fruit that's lost on the ground thanks to the longest bottom closing available on the market (2.5m). Pellenc harvesting equipment is an incredible choice for vineyards and grape growers of almost any size.

Our business is to provide the best farm equipment and machinery that help growers stay on top of their crops and improve their yields. From Pellenc to John Deere to Stihl, Papé has a long list of equipment and machinery that can help you get the best out of your crop, year-in and year-out. For more information on our wide range of machinery and services, contact us today.





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