Papé Presents: The First-Annual West American Truck Show


WATS has been put together by the same creative minds behind the long-running Apna Truck Show in Canada. You can look forward to industry leaders and professionals gathering together to share expertise and a great time. The three major events kicking off this year’s WATS include a trade show where companies will show off their products and services, a Show & Shine where truckers exhibit their spiffed up trucks, and a VIP dinner where executives can enjoy both a delicious meal and a unique opportunity to network with industry professionals.

As a family-friendly event, WATS also features live music by renowned performers from different genres. Bands will be performing both days of the trade show so you and your loved ones won’t have to miss a thing.

WATS celebrates the diversity of the trucking industry while providing a venue for professional and creative exchange. The Show & Shine Truck Show is a perfect example of bringing the trucking community together. Participants of the trade show will be able to see and appreciate the care professional drivers from around the United States put into polishing and customizing their rigs.

This event will be great for all truck lovers as well as folks interested in the trucking industry. Online registration is free and WATS will house many booths at the Recruiting Center for trucking-related businesses to offer information about their companies and advertise current job openings.

Join us this September and enjoy live music, freshly polished trucks and great company as we sponsor what is sure to become the premier trucking trade show of the Western U.S. 

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