Papé Gives Back: Our Contributions to the United Way


Since 1938, Papé has understood the importance of not only helping our customers but helping our community. As part of our commitment to corporate philanthropy, Papé partners with organizations like the United Way of Lane County to strengthen our community and help solve problems it may face.

By using what is known as the community impact model, the United Way forges partnerships with community-aware companies like Papé to help tackle common issues that can hinder community development.

During a recent funding cycle, the amount of money requested by local service agencies was double what the United Way had to grant. In a powerful round of fundraising, the Papé Group of companies raised approximately $68,500 dollars on behalf of United Way to give back to Lane County. Our “Pie in the Face” contest at Papé Material Handling is one example of the great ways we raised funds. Each pie was a $5 donation to the United Way, and our Eugene management team members were great sports in helping us raise money for such a good cause.

At Papé, we respect the United Way for their long history of service, transparent accounting and measurable results. Here are some recent accomplishments from the United Way of Lane County:

•In 2015, 6,603 Lane County residents used United Way's free tax preparation services for a combined refund of over $7 million.

•United Way of Lane County received the Social Innovation Fund grant of $2 million to expand the Kids In Transition to School (KITS) program to reach all of Lane County.

•During the 2015 Day of Caring, over 600 volunteers contributed over 25,000 hours which saved about $60,000 for local non-profit agencies.

•In 2014, 2,951 medically uninsured and 4,935 under-insured individuals were connected with health services through United Way programs.

•In partnership with Goodwill Industries of Lane & South Coast Counties, the Prosperity Center, a program started as a result of United Way funding, results in 80% of clients leaving poverty forever when they stay in the program for 2 years.

While most charities focus on a single cause or area of concern, the United Way takes on a wide range of pressing issues that affect individual communities. By collaborating with the best local resources available, the United Way is able to target and improve key areas of education, heath, and income.

At the Papé Group, we've found that the mission of the United Way strongly aligns with our core values. We believe you reap what you sow; when you give of yourself, your community grows. It's the same philosophy that has allowed us to develop a thriving business that keeps thousands of people moving.

Working together with the United Way of Lane County, Papé is able to honor these core values as we do our small part in helping our community stay moving in the right direction.


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