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Coming from a company that sells equipment, that title might seem like an oxymoron. Yes, we want to showcase equipment to get the job done – even if that means you take home a piece of rental equipment. Yes, you need heavy equipment to maneuver around the warehouse, the field, or down I-5. However, what really matters in the grand scheme of things isn’t always the piece of equipment you’re towing off of our lot – it’s the end-to-end solutions you and your business need to keep moving. 


“Maintenance matters. Regular cleaning of your John Deere equipment, combined with other routine maintenance, greatly reduces the risk of [damage]…”

After-sale support is one of the best things we can offer you as a dealer. Part of that support includes preventative maintenance reminders through technology like JDLink Connect and Service ADVISOR Remote or simply a Preventative Maintenance Plan. It’s important to consider your options before you make a decision during or after you purchase your machine. Technology like this helps you to eliminate unscheduled downtime, reduce overall maintenance costs, and improves the use of your heavy equipment.


Don’t compromise that dependability with a poor quality generic will-fit part… While a look-alike part might cost less to buy, it could cost a whole lot more to own through degraded performance, damage to related parts, and a much shorter life span…”

Your forklift needs a new part? No problem. You’ll find the necessary Hyster forklift parts or Yale forklift parts at Papé, because we have the largest parts inventory available. If a machine is only as good as its parts, you want to make sure that you have the right ones property fitted for your equipment. The comprehensive maintenance services ensure your new part solves the problem.


No one likes downtime, so while you’re replacing a part in your machine, consider a piece of rental equipment for your team. You have the freedom of using the same piece of equipment that’s in the shop, or you can use this rental as an opportunity to “test drive” the latest model. We have an extensive fleet of heavy duty trucks, forklifts, tractors, and other heavy equipment, so finding the rental you need is easy.

The rental fleet serves a wide breadth of industries, including agriculture, construction, distribution, forestry, landscaping, material handling, and shipping & logistics. It’s designed to increase your uptime, and is backed by 24/7 support and service teams. We have 78 locations in 60 cities on the West Coast, so repairing your equipment and renting from us is easy and stress-free.

Simply stated: service shouldn’t stop at the sale, so neither do we. Service, parts, rental equipment, and everything between, we have the support to keep your machinery in premium shape. With a full spectrum of heavy equipment from harvesting to construction, from trucking to handling, we have your machine needs covered from sale to service. Since 1938 we have provided our clients the best customer service and the finest equipment on the market, and that dedication doesn’t stop at the sale.

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