Identifying and Eliminating Inefficiencies in Your Business

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Inefficient processes can be a problem for any industry. Whether due to unnecessary equipment downtime, insufficient training, or another supply chain issue, inefficiencies can slow your output and affect your bottom line. How can you cope? Streamlining processes, preventative maintenance, and training can go a long way.

Identifying Inefficiencies

To find the inadequacies in your order fulfillment process, you will need to identify which pieces of equipment take the longest to repair or need the most maintenance. Forklift fleet management software can help you capture data from each stage of the process to pinpoint problems. The data will provide insights you need to identify which machine causes the most reduction in productivity.

Preventive Maintenance

Unfortunately, time lost can't be regained. Luckily for you, preventive maintenance minimizes the chances that a piece of equipment will break down or slow down when it’s most needed. Proper equipment maintenance will extend the life of the machine, saving you time and money in the long run.

Equipment Rental

If a piece of equipment does break down or needs maintenance, you have options before suffering from the dreaded downtime. ou can rent equipment to stay on track by establishing a relationship with a reputable forklift rental company nearby. (Food for thought, you can rent equipment from any of our 29 Pape Material Handling locations.) You'll have quick access to the equipment you need while your forklift is in the shop.

Equipment Operator Training

Operator error is real and can cause inefficiencies in your warehouse… and it’s all but unpreventable. Taking indirect routes, picking incorrect items, and not charging batteries fully are just some examples of issues that can be addressed with proper training. Provide your employees with equipment operator training so they are more confident and capable on the floor. When issues arise, your employees will have the training and the tools in their belt to reduce equipment downtime and avoid a major problem.

Identifying the inefficiencies in your business and taking steps to correct them will help you keep your business moving and increase your profitability. For more information, contact your nearest Papé Material Handling location.

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