How do Field Connect Systems Work?


John Deere’s Field Connect system is a piece of intelligent farm equipment that can improve how you manage your crops. This remote data system uses a network of soil moisture sensors to transmit data wirelessly to your computer or smart device.

Both intuitive and relatively simple to use, the Field Connect system uses field-positioned probes to monitor the moisture levels of your soil at various depths. It then sends that information to a web-based interface where you can then use the data in real time. This allows you to make timely and well informed irrigation decisions from just about anywhere.

Once you've decided whether your soil's moisture levels are on-target or not, you can now decide on what actions to take -- either providing more or less water, for example.

Without making guesses, Field Connect systems allow you to intelligently manage your crops and lower the costs incurred from watering. Most importantly, when your soil's moisture levels are balanced, your crops are better able to absorb fertilizers and pesticides which lead to improved yields and superior crop quality.

The Field Connect irrigation system also measures a wide range of environmental sensors, including:

  • Soil temperature
  • Air temperature
  • Wind speed
  • Humidity
  • Solar radiation
  • Rainfall
  • Leaf wetness

A convenient feature of the Field Connect irrigation system is that it allows you to connect with your mobile device through Field Connect Mobile. Available on iTunes, Field Connect Mobile allows you to monitor the levels of moisture in your soil as well as view your environmental sensor measurements--in real time--from anywhere.

As you know, the moisture levels of your land can vary continuously across fields and plots. Figuring out when these variances are occurring isn't easy to predict, which is unfortunate, because they can dramatically change your yield. Field Connect systems allow you to pinpoint where crops are thriving and where they're not. This valuable info leads to better decisions, higher profits, and less outlay of resources.

To find out more about how John Deere Field Connect systems can help you improve your yield through better irrigation decisions, contact us today. 

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