Farm to Forest, Factory to Freeway: End-to-End Solutions from Papé


Did you know that many of this season’s best apples have Papé to thank for their safe transportation, delivery, storage and availability at your local grocery store? It’s true—Papé is involved at each step of the way for many of your favorite foods this canning season—especially apples for creating apple sauce or apple butter.

It all begins on the farm--farmers look to Papé for solutions in getting around their property, harvesting their crops and moving heavy loads where they need to go. Whether farmers are making short trips using a utility vehicle or getting their precision work accomplished with a utility tractor, farmers rely on Papé to harvest the most ripe, delicious apples.

When apples are ready for harvest, they can be any number of colors depending on the variety—they can be anywhere from yellow to white when they’re picked and ready for shipping.

Apples need to be transported while they’re still ripening so by the time they get to the supermarket, they’re ready to be a part of your next sauce, pie, or cider.  Once they’re placed on the Kenworth truck, they’re kept at a chill temperature to slow the ripening process.

Behind the scenes at your favorite grocery store, your apples are unloaded with care by our Hyster material handling equipment while they wait patiently on pallet racks designed & implemented by Engineered Products before they hit the shelves.

Once the apples have been placed on in-store pallets, they’re ready to become a part of your next recipe.

The next time you bite into a delicious Granny Smith or Pink Lady apple, remember Papé makes it possible. Our farming family has connected other farming families to grocers together since 1938. With superior products and superior service, Papé keeps you moving.








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