City to Country: The Many Faces of Papé

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Whether you’re tasked with moving gravel on a construction site or keeping crops in good health, Papé has the tools to keep you moving. From the fields of hops in Eureka, California, to a warehouse in Portland, Oregon, Papé provides powerful solutions for your fleet. Each worksite presents unique challenges.

In the city, for example, material handling equipment assists in manufacturing, transporting, storing, tracking, and shipping merchandise. Faulty equipment can cause a breakdown in workflow, and prevent merchandise from reaching its destination.

Every part of the material handling process requires specialized equipment to move product and materials through the supply chain: conveyers move merchandise through the different stages of manufacturing, forklifts are the workhorses of the warehouse, and Kenworth Trucks move the product from the warehouse to the merchant, and finally to the consumer.

In the country, on the other hand, specialized farm equipment like tractors and combines are used to cultivate the land to grow the food we eat. In the forest, loggers use forestry equipment like excavators to move the earth and feller bunchers to cut, grip, and stack trees. The logs are then transported on a Kenworth T800 and taken to a factory where they're turned into valuable products like furniture, paper, and construction grade lumber.

Papé has the equipment and machinery for every unique issue on your jobsite. Our equipment is the backbone of your city to country journey.

Whether it's logging equipment in the country or material handling in the city, Papé is there with the complete end-to-end solutions that make your business supply chain work and keep you moving. Visit our site to browse our selection of Kenworth Trucks, Agricultural & Turf, Construction & Forestry, and Material Handling equipment.


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