In 2018, Papé marks its 80th year of keeping the West moving. Over the next several months, we’ll highlight how the company’s history and current business operations have set the foundation for an exciting future that spans across all the industries Papé members serve.

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Winter weather can create barriers to getting work done. If you're having trouble starting your diesel engine in the cold weather, these tips from Papé Machinery Agriculture & Turf can help.

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It's come to the end of the landscaping season. You've planted winter flora, mowed the grass for the last time, and put enough covering over the beds to last through the winter season. Now what? Although you might be done using your landscaping equipment for the season, it still needs regular maintenance checks to ensure it's ready to use when the sun breaks the northwest cloud cover. Take a look at a few tips below before you cover your machines for the season.

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