One of the most common decisions small business owners have to make for material handling operations is choosing whether to buy a pallet jack or a forklift to move goods through their facility. Learn how to calculate the total cost per pallet moved for each piece of warehouse equipment to determine the best choice for your business.

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Don't let warehouse safety be an afterthought. Accidents happen and can be catastrophic when pallet racking isn't properly secured or structurally sound. Read our guide to racking inspection, protection, and repairs to learn how you can ensure your racking is up to par and your facility remains safe.

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Winter weather can create barriers to getting work done. If you're having trouble starting your diesel engine in the cold weather, these tips from Papé Machinery Agriculture & Turf can help.

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Keeping up with industry trends and implementing new technology can be the key to your success as a company. We’ve compiled five of the top construction industry trends to help you stay competitive in 2018.

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The 2018 Oregon Logging Conference (OLC) on February 22-24 will take place at the Lane County Convention Center and Fairgrounds in Eugene, Oregon. The Papé Group, Inc., has been part of the OLC since it began in 1938, and we’ve been a sponsor of the conference since 2009. 

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