4 Tips for End Of Season Landscaping Equipment Maintenance

Commercial Landscaping

It's come to the end of the landscaping season. You've planted winter flora, mowed the grass for the last time, and put enough covering over the beds to last through the winter season. Now what? Although you might be done using your landscaping equipment for the season, it still needs regular maintenance checks to ensure it's ready to use when the sun breaks the northwest cloud cover. Take a look at a few tips below before you cover your machines for the season.


1. Give it a shine

You've spent all season running your machine through the dirt and mud to get your customer's landscaping to look just right. It's not surprising the amount of debris that can accumulate in and on your equipment. As you spray it down with a hose, you'll notice any chips, dings, and dents that may need attention before you take it to work when the spring season begins again.


2. Get it serviced

The last thing you want to see in the spring when you uncover your machine is an unforeseen maintenance cost. It could be something as simple as a loose hose that can quickly and easily derail the beginning of your season. Take your equipment into your local service shop for a once over to ensure a smooth transition.


3. Tires need attention too

Taking the time to inspect your tires can save a lot of heartache and a stressed wallet in the long run. Although the tires are on heavy equipment, they are rather delicate by comparison. They need air, new valves, regular rotation, etc. And even if your machine is in storage, it's still a good idea to keep an eye on the tires as the temperature fluctuates.


4. Prepare for your next busy season

There's no better time to closely examine your equipment and make the executive decisions necessary to prevent down time over the summer. You'll be able to take your time and make the best decisions possible for your team. As your business grows and your equipment ages, it may be necessary to add machines to your fleet to maintain a smooth operation. 


Taking these steps to properly store your equipment during the winter will have your machines ready to run and in good working order when busy season starts up again. To schedule a service appointment for your landscaping equipment, order equipment parts or to get advice, please contact us at Papé today.

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