4 Things We’re Looking Forward to at the Northwest Agriculture Show


And so it begins! Tradeshow season is upon us, and it’s our favorite time of year. Starting in January and lasting a majority of the summer, there are few weeks that go by without an event (or two). While there are some tradeshows that happen during the “off” season, we love seeing the community activity that begins with the Northwest Ag Show. With that said, let’s kick off the year with a few things we are particularly excited for as we prepare for the Northwest Ag Show.

1. Small Farm Day

Small farms drive our humble state, especially through the Willamette Valley. It’s these small businesses that prove to be the most dynamic and need the most specific equipment. Take for example the average Oregon vineyard… at about 27 acres and a mean of 1,245 vines per acre, these specialty farms need equipment that’s non-transferable to other types of farms. There aren’t any sensible attachments you can buy for your John Deere tractor to efficiently and effectively harvest your grapes, so many vineyards use a Pellenc.

Showcasing equipment like this is exciting. Watching the intrigue grow in a visitor’s eyes as we talk about the capabilities and function of a Pellenc is quite possibly the best part of tradeshows that cater to small farms.

2. Customers

Many of our customers are recurrent visitors to events like the Northwest Ag Show. And honestly, everyone loves a friendly face. It gives us a chance to talk with our customers in a different setting outside of determining what kind of equipment they need or what needs to be serviced on their tractor. We love getting to share the latest in agriculture technology, like the Honeycomb drone.

True to the nature of an agriculture-centered event, our conversations often center on plans for the next growing season and how we can help their next harvest be a more fruitful one.

3. The Tasting Room

We’ve seen the Tasting Room at the Northwest Ag Show for the past four years, and we’re excited to see them at their fifth. The exhibit hall is massive – it needs to accommodate 162 exhibitors, not to mention all of the equipment many of them bring. Each of our members who help at our booth during the event has the opportunity to walk the event space, and after that 7 acre journey, you’d be happy to grab something to eat, too.

4. Family Day

Papé is a family-oriented company – it’s a fourth generation family owned organization. So, seeing all of the visitors enjoying the day with their children and spouses is invigorating in respect to the future of the agriculture industry. The event stays open a bit later to accommodate for school schedules and allow for flexibility with work. After all, all of the children are little farmers in the making!

With tradeshow season full steam ahead, we couldn’t be more excited to kick it off with the 2017 Northwest Ag Show and spend some time in the community. We’re ready to support our small farms, customers, and farming families; so if you have a chance, stop by our booth! We have a lot of knowledgeable Papé members who will be there.

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