You’ve used your machine for years. You’ve changed the oil, tires, and parts as needed. So, why replace it if it still works just fine? Well, in the modern age of farming and even warehousing, that’s not the best mentality. Sure, another piece of capital expenditure to your business isn’t ideal, but keep in mind, falling behind technological advancements and mechanical developments isn’t ideal either. Let’s walk through some examples of why it’s time for your company to start updating the fleet.

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Champagne taste on a beer salary. An old saying that rings true, even in the heavy equipment field. You want a really nice piece of equipment, but right now it doesn’t quite fit the budget. So what do you do? There are two options – you can save and plan for the piece of equipment you want or you can buy a cheaper machine right now to fill the needs your company has at the moment.

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Running a business is no easy feat. Employees to manage, salaries to pay, overhead costs to handle, and even competition to out-wit. But when it’s all said and done, there are some simple solutions that make it a little less financially taxing. With the number of machines there are to choose from on your worksite or in your warehouse, the first thing you can do is look for the best practices and the types of machines that can cut operating costs. 

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Your company thrives on your machines – let’s be honest, they’re the crux of your business. When one of them goes down, the impact is palpable. But what if you could prevent emergency maintenance on your fleet? If the machines themselves could send you regular updates on their performance and productivity, wouldn’t you take the opportunity to gather and monitor that data? Well, you can. That’s where telematics systems come in. 

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What do the Pacific Northwest and the timber industry have in common? Geography. The timber industry is a staple in the Pacific Northwest requiring a number of tools and personnel to maintain this unique career field. With this territory comes the need for highly trained, specialized, and ambitious harvesters. PNW born and raised, we’ve loved our local timber fellers for over 75 years, and here’s why:

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