Your business depends on good relationships with your vendors just as much as it does on being able to forge long-standing relationships with your clients. Our partner, Brian Chapman from Organically Grown, knows this all too well. We reached out to Brian for his thoughts on how Papé Material Handling keeps him moving so he can consistently deliver quality organic produce to his customers.

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As much as we love heading out to take part in conferences and expositions in other states, there’s something about staying close to home and connecting with fellow Oregonians in the construction and forestry industry that makes the conference that much better. 

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It’s February. In the world of agribusiness that means one thing—the 2015 World Ag Expo! Your friends at Papé are heading down to Tulare, CA to take part in exhibiting farming equipment alongside other construction & forestry pros at the world’s largest agriculture expo.

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We'll be part of the 12th Man when the Seattle Seahawks take on the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX for the chance to be back-to-back champions!

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​​​Did you know that many of this season’s best apples have Papé to thank for their safe transportation, delivery, storage and availability at your local grocery store? It’s true—Papé is involved at each step of the way for many of your favorite foods this canning season—especially apples for creating apple sauce or apple butter.

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